Elsa Shabani 

I am glad you found your way here!
My name is Elsa Shabani, and I am here to help. As a psychologist, my objective is to create a secure and empathetic space for my clients, both in-person in Budapest and virtually. Whether you're navigating life challenges, coping with losses, dealing with depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, or traumas, there is always hope.

Working with me

Opening up to a complete stranger is a courageous endeavour which often is healing in itself. Life can present us with many challenges and defeats, allowing ourselves to work through these painful events can be daunting. My aim is to help you in this process of discovery by minimising your pain and supporting your growth & resilience while fostering learning and emotional safety in our sessions. This process can be achieved through emotional connection which is a powerful agent that we facilitate together in therapy. Counselling for me is a joint effort. I strive for creating a safe companionship and non-judgmental environment where you as my client can be your most authentic self. Creating this space is crucial for me in helping you process painful memories while striving to find and access fulfilment in your life. 

"Therapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino" - Milton H. Erickson


Depression & anxiety

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Relationship issues & couples counselling 

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Experience of trauma

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Grief, loss & life transitions 

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Working on my inner journey helped me feel more connected to my true self and better equipped to face life's obstacles. Highly recommend Elsa's counseling services to anyone seeking personal growth and development.


I’ve been avoiding therapy for years now due to past assumptions that it was
ineffective or unnecessary. However, giving therapy a chance this year definitely did not
disappoint as my therapist, Elsa Shabani has opened my eyes to the many benefits it has
in your life. 

Therapy sessions with Elsa has enabled me to express my thoughts and emotions

without fear of judgment or discrimination. I always feel validated and understood every
time I share an experience or obstacle that I struggle with. These sessions have allowed
me to also find meaningful ways to tackle emotional hurdles and stressful situations. I can
safely say I am able to regulate my nervous system more and see things in a different
perspective and the best part of it is it does not feel forced or imposed. 

Elsa has helped me learn more about myself and about methods that can effectively lessen anxiety in certain situations. She is very easy to talk to and her support as well as suggestions continue to help me grow in both good and bad times.


Elsa helped me overcome some of my toughest times that I was facing, her methods have proven to be very effective