Doomed to repeat the same thing? - What is repetition compulsion? 

Recently I overheard a conversation between two young ladies while waiting for the train in the train station, where one tells the other: “How come I always end up with the same guy who has a different face?”

Grieving shattered dreams

Often it comes as a surprise for many of us that we might find ourselves grieving our dreams, versions of ourselves or people who didn’t leave our life by death

Pathway out of despair: Helping clients overcome despair

When in despair such many clients take a distance from themselves almost as if they don’t recognise and see themselves anymore but rather, they carry on with themselves.

Parentified child turns adult:

For some of us, being highly useful during childhood was highly regarded, we were called a great child, a mature child, highly self-sufficient child and so on. Rarely, we happen to think of such qualities as survival strategies, what people usually see is the outside act, which many parentified children execute perfectly.

Why are females struggling with boundaries? 

Recently the topic of boundaries has become a popular one to not say a “buzz word”. But, even without the hype of social media around boundaries, in psychotherapeutic practice often we encounter that female clients present with symptoms of lacking in boundaries and similarly they seek help for that in different ways.

Boredom - A mental health necessity

Our perilious compulsions for planning, setting goals about the future, our appetite for distraction, consumption and escapism from the present, always on the go attitude, diminishes our capacity to truly live. Research in psychology also proves that the ability to handle boredom is a sign of the mentally healthy person as opposed to those who don't. 

What is Reality Testing?

Many individuals have a hard time being objective with themselves, what I often witness in practice is; clients judging themselves very harshly in an attempt to be objective towards themselves or on the other end of the spectrum which is; avoiding looking into the reality of the given situation therefore, denying or escaping.

The importance of naming feelings

All of us at some point in our lives have been perplexed over how or what we are feeling. At times, finding the right words to describe what’s happening in our inner psychic life can be an impossible task, especially when we are going through painful moments, the effects of which have clouded our thinking.

Shame and Mental health stigmas

All of us at various points in our lives have felt shame. In the total assembly of our complex emotions, shame signals to us that something we have acted upon was wrong, or at least we have a general sense that we might have fallen short off of our character.