Depression & Anxiety 

Human condition is such that we all experience despair and loss at some point in our lives. You deserve someone to accompany you during these isolating times and provide you with a safe space for you to learn to cope and eventually overcome these painful feelings. I strive for creating a sense of balance & control in my client's life while using evidence based methods and holistic care that focuses on you as a person and not you as a variable/diagnosis. 

Relationship Issues & Couples Counselling 

Whenever we experience disruption in our close relationships let that be; family, friendships, romance or else, these events mark significant changes in our lives, sometimes painful ones. I have been working extensively with couples in helping them resolve and restore healthy behavioural patterns and practices in their relationship which has very often led to positive outcomes. 

Grief, Loss & Life Transitions

Many times we tend to recognise as losses only the events such as the physical loss of a loved one. My understanding of loss is much more nuanced than that. Grief is the emotional response to any kind of loss; your relationship, your past version of yourself, your imagined dream future,  your health or your sense of home - real or perceived. During these times you might feel alone & disconnected. Through our work together we will tackle these painful emotions and make space for healing and for the new version of you that will emerge. 

Experience of Trauma 

Navigating through suffering and difficulties that life inevitably brings to us is one of the most excruciating life-time experiences. It is my privilege amongst all to witness your story and to be able to help you gain agency, understanding and control over past or present challenging events. Together we will sit with the uncomfortable feelings that emerge in this process of becoming aware and getting closer to the emotional parts that are difficult to face. This often opens the door to new self-discoveries and a new version of you. 

My Personal Message

My counselling practice is more than just a job. It's an honour for me to be part of your life no matter for how long and to what extent. Your story and your human experience is unique and I treat it as such. Being of help to you is one of my life's missions for which I am proud of. My ultimate aim is to connect, to see and understand your story and your complex personality structure, that's what therapy with me is: a compassionate process of growth & discovery.